Cold Email Mastery course review

Cold Email Mastery course by Cold Email Wizard is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to write, collect, and send high converting cold emails.

OK, but is it any good?

Let’s put it this way – it will change your life in a short period of time! By short I mean in the matter of months, maybe even sooner.

All you have to do is to follow the exact steps laid out in the course and you’ll get the results pretty fast. You can literally go from $0 per month to tens of thousands of dollars overnight.

And I’m not exaggerating.

Cold Email Mastery course review
Life-changing Cold Email Mastery course

Is the Cold Email mastery course for you?

Are you struggling to get leads?

Tired of rising ad costs that eat away your ROI?

Cold Email Mastery will teach you everything you need to know to start getting leads at a low cost!

There are prerequisites, you need to either:

  • have a great product or a service to sell,
  • or find a business that does and use the cold email skills to get the clients for them, for a commission

How good is the Cold Email Mastery course?

I bought the Cold Email Mastery course after it was heavily hyped on Twitter in autumn of 2020.

When it first caught my eye, I thought it was just another 20-year old “Money Twitter” guru trying to get rich quickly off of his course.

But soon, fantastic testimonials started pouring in, people from all over the world showed screenshots of their huge wins shortly after implementing what they learned in the Cold Email Mastery.

So I said what the hell and joined the party for two reasons:

  1. I’m selling all sorts of digital marketing and web dev services, so I figured this is going to be a great way to reach out to my ideal customers and to fill in the pipeline,
  2. I wanted to find a source of income for my brother who lost his job during the pandemic. And given that he had no experience in online business and he’s generally not a tech-savvy person, sending cold emails seemed like a good business opportunity for somebody like him.

Right there you probably get the idea of how you can use the knowledge bombs that are being dropped within the course:

  1. Send cold emails to get clients for your own business,
  2. Run cold email business for other businesses (marketing companies, b2b SaaS,…)

The only thing you need to keep in mind, whether you send emails for yourself or your client, you can send out cold emails to other businesses only (b2b) and not consumers (b2c).

Cold Email Mastery course is insanely actionable

I’m buying courses all the time, I’ve got active accounts at Pluralsight and Udemy.

Having said that, Cold Email Mastery is the most actionable course I’ve ever bought!

You can literally follow along and start implementing what you’re hearing and reading.

Cold email tips & best practices

There are plenty of valuable tips and best practices throughout the Cold Email Mastery course:

  • technical things you need to do in order to set everything up to ensure the optimal email deliverability,
  • tools you need and how to properly use them,
  • how to price your services if you’re doing outreach for your clients,
  • how to find good clients for your cold emailing business,
  • how to recognize the bad clients for your business,
  • how to negotiate with your clients,
  • how to generate email lists using various techniques,
  • how to write killer emails and how to frame your pitch to ensure high open and reply rates,
  • how to send cold emails,
  • examples of emails that worked and the ones that didn’t

And the list goes on…

My experience with the Cold Email Mastery course

So after I’ve bought the course, I’ve read it and watched all of the videos in a matter of hours. Not only is it easy to read and follow, but it’s also so action-packed that I immediately started setting everything up.

Here are some of the results:

Look at that open & reply rate 🙂 Just imagine it, with this technique you have open communication to your ideal client!

Results are even better when you carefully select your target list and really work on your pitch.

But it also works really good using the spray & pray technique, as we still have a lot of personalization options at disposal:

Bottom line is, if you want to succeed with cold emails, follow the steps laid out in the Cold Email Mastery course and you’ll be on the right track to success.


Cold Email Mastery is a fantastic course that will help you hit the ground running and I can’t recommend it enough.

The potential is enormous, just look at all of the case studies and testimonials.

It’s a 5-star, top-selling course on Gumroad with a 6 months 100% money-back guarantee.

With 3000+ happy students (including me) this offer is a no-brainer.

The value you’re getting with this course is huge, not only in regards to the actionable tips, but the author is a very helpful guy who’s going to help you out if you get stuck.

I really do feel like this course is sort of a life hack, an easy way to reach out to the decision-makers of the biggest companies in the world. A way to get your or your client’s offer in front of their eyes.

Buy the course, learn how to run a profitable online business, and get out of the rat race for good!

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