How to fix incorrect Page Title for pageviews sent using history listener (React & Next.js)

While I was implementing Netlify form tracking on a Next.js app, I stumbled on a problem when tracking page views with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. First, you can’t use (just) the built-in “All Pages” trigger because it only fires once the user lands on the page of the website and not on every … Read more

Oxygen – WordPress plugin builder review

You’ve heard wonderful things about this awesome WordPress page builder called Oxygen? At the same time you heard about a steep learning curve it has to master it? Now you’re wondering if Oxygen builder is the right choice for you? In this review, I’ll answer all of the questions you might have. Is Oxygen builder … Read more

How to track Netlify Form submissions with GTM

Here’s how you set up Netlify form submission tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM) and send events to Google Analytics (GA). Step 1 – Add custom HTML tag – Netlify Form Submission Open up Google Tag Manager and add custom HTML tag with the following code: This is a useful JS snippet I found on … Read more

How to easily install a free SSL certificate on GoDaddy

Learn how to easily install a free SSL certificate on GoDaddy in six easy steps. I’ve written this guide as recently I’ve noticed an issue with the expired SSL certificate on a client’s website hosted on GoDaddy. I wanted to renew it through the GoDaddy cPanel account but sure enough, GoDaddy doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt … Read more

Klarna – How to auto-capture WooCommerce order programmatically

If you’re using Klarna Payments or Klarna Checkout plugin with Klarna Order management plugin within your WooCommerce based webshop and you got some custom order statuses implemented you might want to change the default auto-capture order feature on “Completed” order status. Unfortunately, Klarna Order Management plugin only has an option to select or deselect the … Read more

How to save Contact form 7 entries to the DB

Learn how to save Contact form 7 entries to the database. Contact form 7 is an amazing WordPress contact form plugin, very reliable and easy to use, without unnecessary bloat and options you most likely won’t need. I use it for all of my WP based projects. One of my clients asked for a feature … Read more

How to install MongoDB on Windows with PHP & XAMPP

Learn how to install MongoDB on Windows OS and configure with PHP on XAMPP. There are a couple of tutorials out there already, but neither of them helped me set everything up 100%. Some of them are missing key explanations, some of them are a bit old. My tutorial presumes you know your way around … Read more